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Democratic Debate Live-ish-blog

8:33 We're one hour in and Martin O'Malley been doing pretty well. When he's allowed to talk, anyway. It seems like Bernie "I voted against the war in Iraq" Sanders has been getting the shaft, too. It's not really a secret that the party is trying to push Hillary to the front, but it's getting blatant.

8:37 And by the way, you're debating each other, not Donald Trump. Stop bringing him up.

8:38 Bernie points out that "real" unemployment is 10%, not 5%. Wants to crack down on speculation. No one in the party ever wants to talk about that. Martin says his funding of education was the key to raising middle-class income in his state. Access to education is vital, but that doesn't help anyone today. Hillary wants to reduce higher ed and medical costs.

8:43 David Muir: "Should corporate America love Hillary Clinton?"
Hillary: "Everyone should!"

8:44 David: "Will corporate America love President Sanders?"
Bernie: "No, I think not."

8:45 Bernie wants to reinstate Glass-Steagall and break up big banks. Corporate world has destroyed the country. Martin implies Bernie's too much of a socialist, and that Hillary's too much of a capitalist and that she's in Wall Street's pocket. Not a bad point.

8:51 The video keeps freezing. This is what you get for not paying for cable.

8:59 Bernie is right that higher education at public schools should be free. Martin is proposing that repayment plans to be based on income and wants states to pick up some of the slack. Hillary wants to match state dollars going toward education, wants the Pell grant to apply to living expenses. Bernie is right that we spend more per capita on healthcare and education, but he still doesn't seem to be able to explain how we'll pay for it.

9:05 Bernie: "Now this is getting fun!"

9:22 Bernie: "Addiction is a disease and not a criminal activity." Hell yes, Hillary says every law enforcement officer should carry the anti-overdose kit. They save lives, but some departments claim that it's somehow inefficient to transfer kits between cruisers during shift changes. Like, moving a small package from one car to another is just not realistic. All three candidates see the heroin epidemic as a health issue, not a criminal issue. I'm impressed.

9:27 Oh Jesus, are we about to talk about Benghazi?

9:33 Wow, no Benghazi.

9:33 Oh Jesus, now we're talking about the role of the President's spouse. Because it would be hilarious if Bill Clinton was picking the White House china. Hehe. What the hell, Martha? Don't be sexist.

Why do we need to talk about the President's spouse? Will she have an office in the West Wing? So now we get to find out if the little lady is going to be in the workplace or the kitchen. What does this have to do with anything. Thank you, Martin, for saying that your wife will do what the hell she wants.
Originally posted by temperance_k at LGBTQ high school kicks off first full school year in midtown Phoenix
LGBTQ high school kicks off first full school year in midtown Phoenix

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By Alicia Canales

Q High, a LGBTQ-friendly high school, will open on Tuesday for their first full year of classes. One n Ten, a LGBTQ youth program in Phoenix, will sponsor the online high school.

Johnny Hernandez cut class to the point that her former school told her not to come back. While meeting with another high school, the 16-year-old was told she had to change her clothing in order to register.

Her clothes met the dress code requirement — the school’s issue was that Hernandez is a male and wears women’s clothing.

“In my head I feel like I’m a girl,” Hernandez said. “I’m just not in the right body.”

At the same meeting, Hernandez heard about Q High, a high school that opened this year near Third Street in midtown Phoenix. The new high school is for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning students along with straight allied youth.

Q High is a part of One n Ten, a nonprofit organization that focuses on assisting LGBTQ youth ages 14-24.Collapse )


Dear God,

Dear God,

I just finished watching a video that doesn't have much to do with You on the surface. It was of a comedian who spoke to my heart and who died of pancreatic cancer at only 32. I thought it was unfair. Then, I began to think about how I've lost my faith. I was given to You by my mother in exchange for my good health at birth. Of course, I had nothing to do with this, but I believe I was still yours as a child.

I remember my mother reading from my children's Bible. I remember sitting in church (one of my few visits) between my grandmother and my "boyfriend" in the second grade. He was the son of the pastor and he wanted me to color in his Garfield coloring book with him, but I just sat up straight in my best dress with a white satin purse I'd borrowed from my grandmother holding a Gideon Bible and a little plastic saint I'd found buried in her front yard, thinking it was disrespectful to ignore the sermon.

I remember receiving an eraser with the image of a dove and some hopeful words along with a stencil of a dove and one that said "Jesus Loves You" from the not-exactly-secular school "Harvest Carnival" that was held every year on Halloween. I remember making cards for my Lord from the stencils. In fact, I even remember that my mother had some pink cotton balls that I glued onto one of the cards in the shape of a heart. I remember praying when I woke up and before I went to sleep.

I remember, in high school and college crying through prayers asking for a sign that You loved me. I remember, later, telling--not asking--You that I could not stand for the intolerance of homosexuality. Telling You I could still believe in, but not obey, a god that would punish people for love. I could not obey a god who judges me for small indiscretions which are natural and yet allows mass starvation and genocide, even though I may still believe in Him. No answer. No answer ever. And tonight, I asked You in all frankness - Can You blame me?

Well, can You?


Originally posted by paulnolan at Porn Trial: How Consenting Sex May Be Illegal in the UK
Here’s a perfect illustration of how authoritarians make use of moral panics to persuade people that personal freedoms must be monitored and attacked by the state.

In 2003, a Brighton teacher called Jane Longhurst was killed by Graham Coutts. Coutts claimed that she had died during consenting sexual asphyxiation play, but the prosecution suggested that the two had not been lovers, and that she had been raped and murdered. He was convicted of murder and imprisoned. Much attention in the trial focused on Coutts’ interest in asphyxiation, and on his possession of pornographic images depicting this.

Although no evidence was provided to show that the porn had led Coutts to kill Longhurst (and indeed, such porn has become widespread without an increase in such crimes), a moral panic began over “violent porn”. The Labour government, already hugely authoritarian in many ways, first tried to ban web sites carrying “violent pornography”. When this moronic attempt at censorship failed, their next approach was even more authoritarian: to ban the possession of “violent” pornographic imagery. This was put into law as Section 63 of the Criminal Justice and Immigration Act 2008, better known as the Violent Porn Law.

Starting from the killing of one woman, and based on unfounded rumours that her killing had been linked to pornography, the UK government had instituted one of the most draconian pieces of legislation in recent British history. Now, a person could be imprisoned for downloading or possessing on video or DVD any pornography that might breach the law, even if they were unaware of the law’s existence.

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Aug. 4th, 2012

What with having a metalhead boyfriend and being (possibly not-so-secretly) in love with Loki, I suddenly want a Norse tattoo. I've wanted a tattoo for a long while, but I didn't know what it would be. Maybe something in Hebrew, since I was studying it. But I'm recently drawn to Norse mythology. And, after all, my stepfather (aka "Crow") did inspire the word "Crowitis". Perhaps Huginn and Muninn wouldn't be inappropriate.
Originally posted by poetic_pixie_13 at Anderson Cooper asks the tough questions, remains dreamy while doing so
Church defends Pastor Worley's Anti-Gay Rant

Trigger warning: Blatant homophobia, defending Worley's put-the-gays-in-an-electric shtick.

So, erm, yeah. Apparently we're doing the bad thing by focusing on that little thing about the electric fence and not the Real Issue of the gay.
Originally posted by 13chapters at Ukrainian lawmakers come to blows over Russian language
A political debate over whether to enshrine Russian as an official language in much of Ukraine brought lawmakers to fisticuffs this week, playing on enduring divisions in the country over cultural identity.

The scuffle, caught on tape Thursday, was followed Friday by lawmakers blocking the podium to prevent the start of a parliament session. Hundreds of protesters gathered outside, and the spat even led the head of the Ukrainian parliament to call for dissolving the body and holding early elections, Ukrainian news reports said as the furor stretched into a second day.

The Russian tongue has been a sensitive subject in Ukraine sincein gained its independence just over two decades ago, said Damon Wilson, executive vice president of the Atlantic Council. For some Ukrainians, the push to protect their language has become enmeshed with protecting the nation.
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Source has video of the fight.
"When you carry the Bible, Satan gets a headache. When you open it, he collapses. When he sees you reading it, he faints. When he sees you living it, he flees. And just when you're about to re-post this, he'll try to discourage you"
Er, yeah. Okay.